Proper Attire allows the instructor to offer the best instruction possible.  

Please write student’s name inside of shoes. 

No t-shirts, sweatpants or other baggy clothing will be permitted in dance classes.

All Classes-Students with hair (Chin Length and Longer) must be pulled back out of face and secured during dance class.

No dancing in socks (unless instructor says different)!!!!  Need to be wearing proper shoes or dance barefooted.

Boys-Anything comfortable that allows full movement.  If certain class requires different, then instructor will let you know.


Acrobats & Tiny Tots Tumble

  • Leotard or Biketard any color.  

  • Hot Pants, cheer style shorts or Tight Fitting leggings are okay. 

  • No Tights or Footless/Convertible Tights. No rhinestones/sequins or other materials that may be harmful to the instructor when spotting.

  • No baggy t shirts or skirts.  

  • Shoes-Barefoot



  • Leotard (solid color) over pink footed or convertible tights (must be worn over feet), no underwear,

  • Shoes- Tight fitting pink leather sole ballet shoes (Bloch or Capezio)- double knot the drawstring and cut off or tuck in the extra,

  • Skirt (optional),

  • Hair in a neat and secure bun

Kidz Dance Combo, Tap’n & Tumble’n, Dance Combo Classes

  • Leotard (any color)

  • Skirt (optional)

  • Shoes- pink leather full sole ballet shoes- double knot the drawstring and cut off or tuck in the extra

  • Tap’n & Tumble and Kidz Combo need Black Patent Leather tap shoes (replace the ribbon with tap ties or elastic)


  • Leotard (any color),

  • Hot pants or dance skirt (optional)

  • Tights-footless or stir up tights (any color) (optional)

  • Shoes-Barefoot or Foot Paws/Foot Thongs/Foot undeez


  • Leotard (solid color)

  • Tights (any color and style) (optional),

  • Hot shorts (optional)

  • 2-piece outfits are ok, just make sure not too revealing.


  • Tighter fitting top (doesn’t have to be a leotard but we still need to view upper body to ensure proper instruction)

  • Dance shorts, skirts, or pants (be we need to be able to see knees and feet)-No Jeans.

  • Shoes-Black Lace-Up Tap Shoes

Dress Code​


  • Tuition is due the 1st day of every Session. It is late if received after the 14th (Sept-July)

  • Tuition can be paid with cash, check, Parent Portal or Autopay (must have a current electronic payment waiver)

  • Statements are sent out on the 15th of the month. Past due statements will be sent out at the same time.

  • If payment or payment arrangement is not made BEFORE the 15th a $15.00 LATE FEE will be applied.

  • If tuition is more than 30 days late your dancer will be suspended until payment in full is made.

  • If payment in full is more than 60 days late your dancer will be dropped from classes.

  • Payment arrangments can be made for any past due amounts, however, if payment arrangements are not honored your dancer will be dropped from classes. 

  • There are no refunds given for missed, dropped or canceled classes. Makeup classes due to weather or other cancellations will be left to the discretion of the instructor.

  • $20.00 fee added to all returned checks.

  • A credit card is required to be saved to all accounts and will be charged if payment is not received after 90 days of non-payment for the full amount plus late fees.

  • Participation in events, such as, but not limited to Showcase, Recital and other various events and performances will be denied if the account is not up to date or arrangements made.

Classroom Observation

  • Respect the classroom environment and allow students to focus and learn without distractions and encourage your child to practice at home.

  • Classes are closed to observation. 

  • We will have designated Watch Weeks for you to come to observe a normal class and see the progression of your dancer as well as see what they should be practicing on at home. 

  • Most instructors are ok for parents to peek in the last five minutes of class.

 Watch Weeks 




  • If a door is closed to a classroom, please keep it closed until opened for next class.

  • Feel free to video your dancer during choreography portions of the class (the last 5 minutes).  You are welcome to do so as this will assist you with what your child should be practicing at home.

The studio will be closed on the following dates

Winter Break 
Spring Break
Easter Break 

Inclement WeATHER


Cancellation Policy
TaJazz School of Dance has a 4-student minimum per class to keep the class ongoing.  We reserve the right to cancel the class at any time due to low enrollment.

Withdrawal Policy
It is very important for students to learn the value of commitment and finish what they start.  If withdrawal must occur, a two-week written/emailed notice must be delivered to the director OR OFFICE MANAGER.  You will be billed for tuition for an additional month if you withdraw without submitting a two-week notice to the studio. 

Winter Showcase- January TBA
Year-End Recital-July TBA
Details will be out soon.  Read newsletters, check bulletin boards, utilize our website for most up to date info. Showcase & Recital are optional but highly encouraged for your dancer to get the most out of their dance training.
There are also options to perform in fall festivals, such as, SantaCaliGon Days, Fall Fun Fest, etc. We perform the previous season’s recital routines.
Other performance opportunities may arise throughout the year. Please note all performances are optional

Private Lessons
Private lessons are $ 25 for ½ hour or $ 40 for a full hour.
Do you feel your dancer could benefit from some one-on-one time with an instructor?  Does your dancer have some special needs or want to be fast-tracked in their training? Privates can be done as a solo option or in a small group, any style of dance.  In private lessons, we can focus on your individual needs-technique, routines, even additional routines.  Privates are scheduled at your convenience and you do as many or as few as you need.  Private Lesson fees are due at each session and payment in Cash or Check is due directly to the Instructor. 
Private lessons should be scheduled through the instructor.

Bring a Friend

  • Feel free to bring a friend to participate in class anytime. 

  • If a friend joins and puts you down as a referral, then you receive a free recital costume or a $ 45 TaJazz Gift Certificate.  The amount you can save is endless. 

  • You receive the gift certificate(s)/costume credit once they complete 2 months of classes.

  • Bring a Friend Weeks are weeks dedicated for our dancers to bring friends to class in order for us to share our passion for dance with our friends

  • We make these weeks extra super fun for students and guests with more of a party feel.



 Attendance & Etiquette Standards

  • Attendance is very important in gaining the best dance education possible. 

  • Good attendance is imperative as absences can hold back an entire class. 

  • Please make every attempt to have your child in every class. 

  • It is recommended that the student attends and observes in the circumstance of injury or minor illness (not contagious). 

  • If an absence must occur, please call the studio or email us to let us know in advance. *if 4 or more consecutive absences occur in a full class, without notification, your student will be dropped from that class.

  • There are no refunds or credits for missed classes.  Missed classes may be made up in a similar class within 30 days of the missed class

  • Tardiness disrupts the entire class.  If a student is 15 minutes late to class, the student will not be permitted to participate. 

  • Students need to be ready for class and wait in the lobby until the instructor calls for the class. 

  • Please do not drop off your child more than 15 minutes prior to class starting and pick them up promptly.

  • Absolutely no food, candy, gum or beverages (except water) are permitted in the dance rooms.  Dancer’s need to be healthy to be their best. 

  • Dancers are encouraged to pack healthy snacks and meals, as needed, in order to fuel their dancing bodies properly.

  • Students under driving age must be picked up from INSIDE the studio. 

  • Students will NOT be allowed to wait in the parking lot

  • No child under the age of 12 will be allowed to walk out of the studio without adult supervision. (Even if the parent is in the parking lot)

  • If a dancer is leaving the studio with someone other than parent or guardian, please let the studio know in advance.

  • If there is a gap between your dancer’s classes, please plan to have your student supervised or picked up by a parent or guardian until time for the following class.

  • No jewelry permitted to be worn during dance or acrobat classes.

  • No street shoes allowed in the dance rooms.


  • Students and Family members are expected to present themselves as respectable citizens on and off TaJazz School of Dance location and via social media sites such as Facebook, YouTube etc.

  • Clean language, good behavior, and RESPECT AT ALL TIMES WHEN IN-UNIFORM OR NOT (Proper Behavior is expected from all family members)

  • Any improper behavior, from any family member, representing any TaJazz student, in any way, will result in expulsion from the studio.

  • TaJazz School of Dance is a Bully Free Zone.  Bullying, in any way, from student or parent will not be tolerated and will result in dismissal from TaJazz School of Dance!!!

  • If any concerns or problems ever arise, please call the studio to set an appointment with the director to try and resolve the issues.  If we don’t know something is wrong, we can’t fix it. 

  • In order for dancers to progress, they must be practicing at home. Parents must support this and assist with this portion of your dancer’s training.



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