Schedule & Enroll

Summer 2018 

Summer Dance & Tumbling Clinic

July 23rd, 24th & 25th

Fall 2018 Enrollment Begins August 1st

Fall 2018 Classes Begin September 4th

Teaching Quality Dance

(Utilizing Age Appropriate Costumes & Music)

in Fun, Nurturing Dance Rooms

​Classes start at $ 35.00/month.  We have a family rate that can't be beat.  Your family can take up to 10 classes per week for only $ 100.00/month. 

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Class Descriptions


Ages 5-16
We will work on beginner to advanced tumbling tricks as well as strength and flexibility.
Students will be able to move at their own pace and set their own goals.
This course combines acrobatic technique with elements of dance.
The curriculum is designed to increase gross motor skills, muscle strength, endurance, flexibility, agility,
and coordination. 

Beginning with simple rolls and stretches, this class teaches cartwheels, bridges, and back bends,

moving into walkovers, limbers, handsprings, aerials, flips and combinations.
An energetic class that is great for the student who likes to bounce, flip and bend! 


Ages 6-Adult
Students will learn the basic ballet vocabulary and movements while being introduced to a ballet class setting.
This class focuses on discipline, muscle strengthening, and learning correct alignment.
Movement will incorporate use of placement, turn out, and continuous energy.
This class will be executed as a traditional ballet class starting with barre work and continuing to center work.


Ages 6-18
HIGHLY RECOMMENDED to take Ballet as accompanying class.
This is a class fusion of ballet, jazz, lyrical and modern danced with a lot of emotion.
It will teach how to express your feelings through the movement of your body.
It will also teach you to be a more graceful and mature dancer.
These styles are very heartfelt and are made to tell a story through the dancing.
This class consists of major stretching and serious strengthening.

Kinder Combo

Ages 5-6 (geared for students that are going into Kindergarten in Fall 2017)
1-hour class Consisting of Ballet & Jazz
Get your dancing shoes on and come have some fun in this class.  
Experience some really cool dance moves with crazy fun tunes.  
Creative and Fun routines will get you moving in this electrifying class.

Dance Combo

Ages 6-10
1-hr class consisting of Ballet, Jazz & Tap
Get your dancing shoes on and come have some fun in this class.  
Experience some really cool dance moves with crazy fun tunes.  
Creative and Fun routines will get you moving in this electrifying class.


Ages 6-Adult
An upbeat and energetic class in which students will explore traditional and contemporary styles.
Each class begins with a warm up-body conditioning-stretching session and will progress into center work and

combinations across the floor, focusing on correct alignment, arm and core strength, isolations, pirouettes and leaps.  
Great for the dancer who wants to be challenged and perfect their technique.  
Great preparation for High School Dance Team.

Musical Theater

Ages 5-18
This class will cater to children interested in dance, singing and acting.
The course will focus on presenting songs with choreography and the development of a character in a fun and supportive environment. Students will participate in group activities and exercises designed to encourage the development of young delicate voices

and bodies while solo work will encourage confidence for young performers on stage and off.


Student must be invited En Pointe by Ms. Krystal Bryan
Pointe class may only be taken by permission of the instructor.  
Focusing on ankle strengthening and proper pointe technique students will work mainly at the

barre-moving to the center as the student progresses.


Ages 6-Adult
Learn basic proper tap technique, develop rhythm and timing skills, learn fun step combinations, and work on different

footwork abilities through across the floor exercises. Tap is a great way to increase memory ability, social skills, coordination,

and just have an enjoyable time while getting a good leg work out.